Dr Tizio is like an Angel. I only had a routine swimmer’s ear issue, but saved so much money NOT going to an urgent care place which would have been about $150. Instead I only paid $47 to see her. and she came to my home. she was extremely caring and thorough. she stayed as long as she needed to. So many people cannot afford any medical attention. Dr. Tizio has taken it upon herself to battle this horrible reality. She is like a warrior and healer rolled into one. I really wish there were more selfless people out there like her who are determined to rattle the status quo. It is exactly what the vanishing middle class needs to fight back– to stay healthy enough to keep fighting.

“Dr. Tizio was so professional and concerned about my health issues that I felt very comfortable and calm with her. She is very knowledgeable and willing to help in every way. Her staff was also helpful and courteous. I recommend Dr. Tizio to everyone that needs prompt and personal help. Ken Martin”

“Dr. Tizio is amazing, she has given me the time and energy that I deserve. She never treats me as just another problem to give a quick fix, but as a person with feelings and needs. She also has a great intuition which most doctors lack. Thanks Dr.Tizio”

“I am from Michigan who needed to find a doctor to inject my serum for allergies. She was on time & very thorough. I would recommend her services.”